Dissolving the Wall - fixated client processes

Sat 26. - Sun 27. November 2022

Dissolving the Wall

- a Gestalt Approach to Highly Fixed Client Processes

NGF inviterer medlemmer til 2-dagers kurs i Oslo med

Foredragsholder Andrei Yudin

Helgen 26. – 27. november 2022

Pris kr 2200,- kun 15 plasser!

Klokken 10.00 – 16.00 begge dager

Stedet er Cochs Pensjonat, Oslo

10 timer PFO B

NB: Ved avbestilling før 1.okt. refunderes kr 2000,-. Etter denne datoen ingen refusjon og påmeldingen er bindende.

Andrei bor i Oslo på fjerde året, og forstår godt norsk. Kurset holdes i hovedsak på engelsk, men spørsmål og refleksjoner på norsk er varmt velkommen.


Most therapists are familiar with a situation when a client speaks in a monologue that feels endless and difficult to interrupt, or, on the contrary, the client struggles to say anything at all and resorts to long silences. It is common for therapists to feel awkward, confused or sometimes even paralysed in such situations, especially when the relationship feels fragile and standard techniques don't seem applicable.

The workshop will cover the following issues:

- Typical interpersonal difficulties and fixed gestalts behind highly fixed client processes and how to identify them

- Three domains of Self and how to determine which one is most productive to engage from for a particular client process

- Techniques for supporting contact for different types of highly fixed client processes - Therapeutic "traps" in working with highly fixed client processes

- Measuring progress: signs of good and bad prognosis. Upon request from group members, the seminar can include demo sessions with impersonated clients and/or discussions of client cases.


About Andrei:

- Andrei Yudin is a Gestalt trainer for Moscow Institute of Gestalt and Psychodrama (MIGiP, Russia) and co-founder of Stemning International Gestalt Center (Norway-Russia-Ukraine).

- Andrei has received his original Gestalt education and was qualified as a psychologist in Moscow Institute of Gestalt and Psychodrama (MIGiP, Russia).

- He has also completed advanced educational programs with Gestalt Associates Training, Los Angeles (GATLA), Norwegian Gestalt Institute and Turin School of Psychopathology.

- Andrei has been living in Norway since 2018, and before that he was in private practice in Moscow since 2013.

- Before entering the field of psychotherapy, Andrei had worked as a management consultant in large international consulting firms (PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG) for 7 years.

- Andrei's main professional interest is developing an integrated ethical, theoretical and methodological model for helping people with borderline, narcissistic and schizoid processes within Gestalt approach.