Open athlete Norwegian Pole Championship 2024

Fri 13. - Sun 15. September 2024

Registration closes on Sunday 1. September 2024 23:59

Lillestrøm Kultursenter

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If you do have Norwegian citizenship and/or a permanent address here in Norway, you should not order a ticket here. But go to the NM link in Norwegian that you can find on our website

We have the pleasure of warmly welcoming you as a performer to Norwegian Pole Championship in 2024

 We are really looking forward to seeing you on stage, and love that you will come to Norway to compete and represent your country. Make sure you keep the whole weekend free as there may be a rehearsal and competition on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Within 14 days after the registration deadline, you will receive more information about which days and the approximate time you will be performing.

We have a separate article about the competition and the area which we recommend you to read. Still we`d like to mention briefly here that there is a separate room for warm-up at the venue. We will set up a stage hoop in this aeria. The aeria is large so you should be able to use it for warming up insted of the area behind the stage. Bring your own yoga-mat and whatever you want to use for your warm up.

Registration deadline for athletes: 31 may 2024 at 23:59.

Registration deadline for Companion and Coach is: 31 august 2024 at 23:59.

Companion can be human props, guardian or assistant.  The badges for the tickets is valid for entry to the Norwegian Championship


Athletes under the age of 18 MUST have permission from their parent/guardian to be allowed to participate. A Coach MUST stand by on the stage and look after the junior during the entire performance. If you don't have a coach, we can provide one. 


Early Bird price Athlete from 18 years NOK: 500,- through April.
Early Bird price Athlete under 18 years NOK: 400,- through April.

Athlete from 18 years NOK 650.00
Athlete under 18 years NOK: 550.00
Human props: NOK 500,-
Coach NOK: 350,-

Registration is final and does not provide a refund if you cannot participate. You can find more about the rules here https://polesportnorge.no/nm

How to sign up:

Select "yes" on the ticket(s) that describe what you will be competing in. If you are going to compete in several categories, e.g. sports, artistic and doubles, you order 1 ticket for each category. Click "next", and you will see your tickets, click on next and then select your age group and that you have read the terms and conditions. There are some mandatory fields that must be ticked off, they are marked in red. Remember to enter your Team name and your country. 

Do you want to participate in more categories? It costs only NOK 350 per additional category. Contact us BEFORE you pay so that you can get a discount code, or you will get a refunded back after the competition.  Each athletes have to sign up for Doubles by themselves. Necessary documents are available on our website. Read them carefully :)


If you participate in sports, you must deliver by email within the deadline stated on our website: 

Difficulty form

- Music (mp3-file)
- Receipt for a Antidoping licence
Certificate of insurance

If you participate in artistic, you must deliver by email within the deadline stated on our website:

- Light form
Receipt for a Antidoping licence
Certificate of insurance


On arrival the day of the competition:

Bring your identification and tracksuit. Read the packing list on our website carefully because it says what you should bring. It is not permitted to consume alcohol or any form of drugs before or during the competition. This also applies to human props and coaches, as well as volunteers.

Only athletes and coaches with a valid badge, are allowed to be in the changing rooms. No others, no exceptions. We all have the responsibility to enforce this.

After the competition and you are finished as an athlete, you must not stay in the changing rooms. There is limited space and the fewer people staying there, the less there is for the athlete manager to look after. We ask for your understanding for this.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email: nm@polesportnorge.no. We will respond as quickly as we can.

We look forward to seeing you :)