Data Vault Modeling

BI & Analytics - SØ

Wed 26. January 2022


Medlem: Gratis

Ikke-medlem: kr 150,- eks. mva  (kr 187.5,- inkl. mva) 


Welcome to DAMA Norway’s and BI&A’s first meetup for 2022. This time we are looking at a Data Warehouse concept that seems out of the ordinary for many Data Warehouse professionals in Norway, but has a string standing in the global community and is gaining ground also in the Nordics: Data Vault


We have invited Datavault Builder to give us a first-hand view of what modern data vault modeling can look like.

Here are some highlights you can expect form this event:

  1. What is data vault and why should it be considered?
  2. Data model development
    1. Building the Datawarehouse Conceptual Model
    2. Building the Dimensional Model for the Data Marts
  3. Interaction between the builder and the physical implementation
  4. Profiling and examining the source data


About Datavault Builder:

Datavault Builder is a fourth-generation end-to-end data warehouse automation platform that covers all aspects and phases of a data warehouse, including design & development, lifecycle management and operations. Datavault Builder helps organizations around the globe improve their data infrastructure to make the right decisions, minimize risks, reduce time and therefore costs


Datavault Builder adds a visual interface to your DB, covering all relevant phases of your DWH lifecycle, incl.:

•Data Modelling


•Orchestration and Scheduling

•Historization of Data

•Deployment automation / Code Versioning

•Documentation Generation

•Lineage Generation

•Data Profiling



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